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Welcome to TI Fitness Training!

The Faces of TI Fitness Training and TI Event Services

"As passionate, women business owners, we pride ourselves on our reputable fitness programs and event management services.   We keep our class size limited to provide our clients with personal attention and give the support and motivation you are looking for to achieve your wellness goals or plan a successful race event!" 

-Sarah Moore and Christine Lewis


TI Fitness Training is committed to helping fight adult and childhood inactivity while providing a supportive non-intimidating environment where families will have fun and learn to live healthier lifestyles.

TI Fitness Training

If you need motivation, want to get in shape and have fun doing so, then TI Fitness Training is the program for you.   From Fitness Boot Camps to Private Training, we offer it all. 

All of our programs offer motivational fitness instruction– packed with fun, unique, energizing activities designed to help you reach your goals for all fitness levels.  The trainers at TI Fitness Training give you the extra push and very friendly encouragement that you need to achieve your fitness goals.  We train all of our clients as individuals no matter what TI Fitness program they are involved in.  They feel motivated, develop an enthusiasm for exercise and create friendships with positive, supportive people that last a lifetime.

Whether you are a beginner or just tired of the same old gym routine, come try this whole new approach to exercise…and have fun while you get fit!  Get out of the boring fitness routine and into a healthier you!  Join TI Fitness Training and discover what we can do for you

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Browse our Web site for more information about TI Fitness Training. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a TI Fitness Training representative regarding our Services, please e-mail us at chris@totalimagept.comsarah@totalimagept.com or call us at 603-860-6275 / 603-370-0250.