Fitness Boot Camps AND Urban workouts

Our Boot Camps are designed to encourage personal improvement and goal achievement in a supportive and encouraging group setting. You compete only against yourself, but work with others for the very best results!

Our Boot Camp programs offers a variety of unique, fun, energizing workouts, motivational fitness instruction, nutritional tracking and coaching designed to help you reach your personal fitness goals. Get started now and have fun while losing weight, toning those muscles, increasing your endurance and gaining self confidence!  You will notice an increase in your energy, strength and endurance, and a decrease in your body fat and inches.  Based on the cross training philosophy providing our students with the best possible workouts.  These boot camps will prevent exercise boredom and keep the body guessing to stay clear of the dreaded "plateau.”  Our program will keep you coming back for more!

*(Outdoor workouts are weather permitting.  During inclement weather classes will be held indoors at 83 Hanover St, Manchester


  • 3 weekly sessions 
  • Mapped out routes at each session
  • Flok Rewards program   
  • Discounted registration toward any TI Event race
  • Attend ANY of our TI Fitness classes
  • Tip of the Week & Nutritional tips          
  • Unlimited email support  
  • Running specific core strengthening stretching     
  • Homework assignments to keep you accountable 
  • 10% discount at Runners Alley    
  • Chance to meet new friends and network   
  • FUN, FUN and did I mention FUN?


Inspired by the dynamic movements of surfing & designed to sculpt a lean physique. Our programs incorporate the physical movements of the sport as well as the adventurous spirit of surfing for a comprehensive exercise routine that combines fat burn, lean muscle build & extreme balance training into one.   This specialty programs is the very best cross training tool for all fitness levels and ages.

  • Get a Surfers physique without the sand!
  • Total body workout based on the surfing philosophy
  • Burn 450-800 calories per class
  • Strength, Core, Cardio & Balance
  • This workout is for all fitness levels



This program is a running based fitness program that offers running instruction, amazing motivation and support, nutrition basics (running specific), core strengthening, track and hill workouts, yoga stretching and participation in local events.  It’s geared toward beginner and recreational runners to learn how to spice up their workouts while burning more body fat and preventing overtraining and injury. 

TI Fitness Training provides a non-intimidating atmosphere where you will burn more body fat and calories then your normal workout.  There is NO competition and you will feel motivated and empowered.  Our ultimate goal is to teach you how to run properly and safely, lose weight, body fat, build strength, endurance and HAVE FUN! It's not about being a track star or an elite athlete.  It's about being the best you can be! 

If you love group training but do not want to join a big box gym or studio then TI Fitness is the place for you!  At TI Fitness we limit our class sizes to ensure each person gets the individual coaching they deserve.   You will not get lost in a class here.  You will get the very best coaching, at your fitness level and in a very supportive and non-intimidating environment.   

We offer a variety of unique workouts at a very affordable prices.  Every workout is different and our schedule changes to keep the body guessing, provide you with the very best cross training and to help avoid that dreaded plateau.  Not only will you be supported by your TI coaches but don’t be surprised when you get a pat on the back, a high five or some motivation from the person next to you.  At TI Fitness we are a family and we treat one another as one. 

We promise you will develop an enthusiasm for exercise and create lifetime friendships with the most positive and supportive people around.  Whether you are a beginner or just tired of the same old gym routine, come try this whole new approach to exercise.  Get out of the boring fitness routine and into a healthier you!  Join TI Fitness Training and discover what we can do for you!

Our Fitness Services Include:

  • Fitness Boot Camp - Urban Boot Camp
  • A variety of SurfSet Fitness
  • TI Barre 
  • Body Rock
  • NEW!!!  Body Burn
  • Tread & Shred
  • Running Training
  • NEW!!  TI Boxing Boot Camp
  • Private Training & Events
  • Race Event Management



TI Barre is a great way to tone muscles and burn calories.  This is a full body workout that lifts your seat, tones your thighs, abs and arms, and burns serious fat.  Muscles are worked to the point of fatigue and then released through stretching movements to create long, lean muscles.  Each group of muscles is targeted and worked intensively, yet safely, then stretched to create a long, lean profile.   TI Barre classes are for all levels of students and are not dance classes.  Taking TI Barre classes will increase strength and flexibility.  The class is 40 minutes long and is set to upbeat music.  The class is challenging, fun and fresh.   

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The longer you wait, the further you’re getting from your goal. Those calories aren't burning themselves. Make the commitment to be healthy. We'll be your partner every step (or plank or squat thrust) of the way. Contact us today!


Calling all champions! Come try one of the most popular fitness trends and kick and punch your way to a fitter you!  In a small group setting, expect to go through rounds of punches, jabs, kicks, rounds of plyometrics that get your heart pumping along with heaps of weight training to sculpt muscle.  We don’t just incorporate punching bags but free weights, kettlebells, battle ropes, jump ropes and medicine balls, too.  This class is 45 minutes long and is set to upbeat music.