Exercise has always been an integral part of Denise's life. An avid runner and athlete, she was searching for a change from her boring gym routine after the birth of her third child. She saw an ad for Total Image bootcamp 3 years ago, and has never looked back. TI Fitness is the exact combination of fun, athleticism, cardio and strength, that she was looking for. Not only has she benefited from the results physically and mentally, but has become part of an amazing extended family in the process.

Inspired by Chris, Denise became CPR and AFAA certified and also completed the Surfset certification in December. A former teacher, getting back into the classroom has been awesome! In the fall, Sarah launched the Little Side Kicks exercise program, and Denise can be found bear crawling and planking with the little exercisers as well.

Probably most rewarding has been seeing the strides the runners have made through the running program. Watching people go from running 1 mile to a 5 or 10k, to a 1/2 marathon to Reach the Beach is incredibly inspiring. Most impressive is the love and support you will get from this amazing bunch! Baby we were born to run!

In another life, Denise would continue to take care of her family (baby #4 due in July), exercise, teach in some way, have boat loads of money and travel the world as a National Geographic photographer…not too much to ask right?

Come join the TI Fitness family…it is the change you are looking for!


With over 7 years in the industry and an extensive background in orthopedics and physical therapy, Ashley has worked with a great deal of clients from beginning stages of rehab, strength competitions and those training for an Ironman.   Ashley is a certified nutrition specialist and will help you perfect your eating habits along with your exercise routines to help you go above and beyond the results you were looking for.  Ashley is very passionate about helping others build a healthy lifestyle for themselves and she builds a very personal, long lasting relationship with everyone of her clients. 


Melissa has been a client of TI Fitness for about 6 years. She currently works full time at Concord Hospital as Nuclear Medicine Technologist. 

I’m a person who loves to stay fit doing outdoor activities rather than going to a gym. I’m an avid skier, hiker, and runner. When I found TI fitness, I instantly loved the program because it offers unique and different total body workouts.  This Fitness family has transformed me physically and mentally and I am proud to be part of this organization.



​Christine has over 18 years experience helping others achieve their personal goals of health and wellness.  Christine is enthusiastic, energetic, and loves to see what people of all ages, and abilities, can achieve when given guidance, support and encouragement. 

After a devastating diagnosis of breast cancer that lead to 5 surgeries and treatments, Christine was able to use her strength, positive thinking and knowledge of wellness to rehabilitate and regain her health.  She fully understands what it takes to start from the beginning.   With determination, a few years later, she trained and ran the 2014 Boston Marathon.  Christine shares her passion for running with her clients and coaches them how to incorporate running safely into their exercise regimen.  She has the passion, drive and expertise to help train each of her clients in order to achieve the greatest results that they will carry forward throughout their lifetime.

B.S in Business and Marketing
AFAA – Certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Strength and Conditioning
SURFSET – Tier 1 Certified
AFPA – Certified Pre/Post Natal Specialist
Additional Training –  Running Specialist, First Aid and CPR Certified


Ashley is a life-long athlete who enjoys being outside and active.  She currently works as an English teacher at an intensive educational day school for grades 6-12.  Teaching has been a life-long dream of hers which has recently come true.  She is very compassionate and caring with her students and considers teaching a very rewarding career.

She is a New England girl, born and raised, who appreciates where she lives for the amazing outdoor life.  Ashley spent a summer hiking, exploring and camping on the Virgin Islands. She has been skydiving twice and has been white water rafting in Alaska.  She also has completed the Smuttynose Half Marathon and also ran a relay in the Manchester Marathon.

Ashley started working out with TI fitness within the past year and immediately loved the program and workouts.  She has completed the Surf Set certification course and is eager and excited to begin her journey with TI Fitness.

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